I'm a "kid", what can I do?

There are so many things you can do if you are under eighteen.

Look out for our Critter Buddies Program where kids get to play games, do crafts, have a shelter tour, and learn about good pet ownership along with what SimcoeDHumane Does.  This only runs when we have Adults or young people 18 and over ready to commit to overseeing the program.

Here's the Link for Critter Buddy Registration when the program is active.

OR you can join our Reading Buddy Program.  You (and your parent, older responsible sibling or guardian, if they want to stay) can book a 1/2 hour or hour time slot to come and read to the animals in the shelter.  There may be cats, small animals and occasionally, dogs. This program is also dependent on adults or young people 18 and over ready to commit to oversee the program. 

Here's the Link for the Reading Buddy Program when the program is active.

If you would like to volunteer for either of the programs, please fill out the form and get on board.  It's tough to run our programs if we do not have the people!


Looking for something to do with kids on a rainy day or in class?  Please check out our activity book.  Please feel free to download and print a few for your friends, family, or class.

Here's the Link for the Kid's Activity Book

Are you 16 and older?  Please, we really need you to volunteer!  Is Physically Volunteering outdated?  You are the next generation to look after the animals. Let's get friends and family together to help and show how your generation will volunteer and will be tomorrow's voice for the animals! 

We know you must work; we know that there is so little time; we know it's not enough pay (it's no pay); we know we get hot and sweaty; BUT without you, who will look after the animals?  Without you, who will be their voice? Not just from the computer, smartphone, tablet but really cleaning, caring for and loving these animals?

Yes, there are actual shifts that we need people.  Help us a few times and you will realize why.  Yes, there are special rules of cleaning and sanitation to follow.  Again, help us a few times and you will realize why.  There is so much to do, cleaning, cuddling, medical, inputting data, updating Facebook twitter, Instagram as social media is important. 

You are who the animals are looking to for help!

Click the link to volunteer today!  If you have already applied, especially during the last 3 years and have not heard anything, please email volunteers@s-dhs.ca 

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