Tentative -Wellness Clinics will be held the 2nd to last Thursday of every month   9:30am – 1:30 at 24 Grigg Drive Simcoe, ON 

These Clinics are meant for pet owners in Norfolk County or immediate surrounding areas.

The Wellness Clinics should assist Low-Income families and those with animals in need of initial care while waiting for Veterinary Clinic openings.

Please Be Patient with us!  We are trying to help as many Owner Pets as possible.
Keeping with the guidelines of COVID-19 reopening and restructuring we are still limited to the number of animals taken to our scheduled clinics. 
You may experience a delay in getting a call back or you may receive a call to postpone your clinic to another day if we have urgent requests for care.

Note: Those who have requested and paid for clinics have been set dates and will be hearing from our staff to make all the arrangements.

We are booking clinics as we have room.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to helping more in the near future!

Simcoe and District Humane Society Wants to help!

We are going to try a new service in Norfolk County.  We ask for your patience as we work out the kinks presenting our Low-Cost Wellness Clinics.

You must book an appointment and prepay for your appointment.  When your appointment is confirmed, your clinic date will be confirmed.  Please fill in the form below and a volunteer will be in touch before each clinic.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus and trying to help our volunteers, Veterinarians, and other staff stay healthy and safe, there will be a table outside to exchange your pet in carrier for the appointment. 

Please wear your mask, stay 6 feet away from everyone and if you wish to speak with Veterinarian, Vet Tech or volunteer on duty please ask.

YOUR DOG MUST BE ON A LEASH OR IN A CARRIER when brought to the shelter.


Your date will NOT be held or confirmed without payment. 

Although you may book a specific date SimcoeDHumane may schedule a different date.  You will be notified which day is booked for your animal.

Payments are non-refundable if you miss your clinic date and there may not be room in another clinic

Low-Cost Canine Wellness Clinic Registration

Please Read Notice Above

Is your DOG Male or Female

Length of Hair


Are there any medical conditions or Health concerns?

Is your pet altered (Spayed/Neutered)?

Could your female dog be pregnant?

Has your female dog had a litter of puppies?

I want to arrange a spay/neuter for my dog when Canine Clinics are available.

All Animals will receive the Basic Wellness Exam $100 - $115 (Depending on Age & Size of Animal): Which will include includes: • physical exam $60.00, • rabies OR core vaccine (if proof of current Rabies Vaccine is available) $20.00 and • microchip $20 OR Dewormer and Flea Treatment $20 - 35 (if pet is already microchipped)

Choose the other Services you would like your dog to receive:

We are only booking as we have scheduled clinics at this time. Please continue to watch the website for upcoming clinics.

Pay for your Clinic through PayPal

Pay through e-transfer

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